An Example of a Bad Gift: The Disappointing Apexcam M80 Air Action Camera Review

In the world of gift-giving, there are instances when a well-intentioned present can turn into a disappointing experience due to unmet promises or misleading information. Such an example of a bad gift happened to me after purchasing the Apexcam M80 Air action camera, which I had initially considered as a potential gift for a friend…

The Reality: Disappointing User Experience

Unfortunately, the Apexcam M80 Air failed to live up to its promises (in my imagination), delivering a user experience that fell short in several key areas. While the Wi-Fi connectivity functioned as advertised (they said nothing about the speed, it is slow BTW), allowing me to view and transfer recorded videos to my smartphone, the much-touted editing capabilities were severely lacking.

Contrary to the claims of a user-friendly mobile editing suite, the accompanying app offered little more than basic file management options. Gone were the promises of seamless, on-the-go video editing and sharing. Instead, I found myself stuck with the same cumbersome process of transferring files to a phone or computer and relying on traditional editing software, negating the very convenience that had drawn me to this action camera in the first place.

Wired’s review echoed my disappointment, stating, “The Apexcam M80 Air’s mobile app is barebones at best, lacking the intuitive editing tools and sharing capabilities that competing action cameras in this price range offer.”

The Problem with Most Budget Action Camera Reviews When selecting the Apexcam M80 Air, I relied on numerous reviews praising its affordable price, 4K video quality, and overall value proposition. However, almost none of the reviews I came across paid adequate attention to evaluating the ease of use and user interface of the camera and its companion mobile apps.

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Typically, reviews dissect technical specifications in detail: image quality, stabilization, processor performance, optics, bundled accessories, dimensions, and battery life. But the critically important aspect of product usability is often overlooked. Retrospectively, this blind spot became the root cause of my disappointment with the Apexcam M80 Air.

The Video Quality

BTW, the quality of Video of Apexcam M80 Air is also debatable. Here is an example that my friend filmed recently in Morocco (the very first comment from a user was ‘hopefully you can get a better camera though’)

For Example: 5 Best Budget Action Cameras 2024

As you can see, even in such a detailed review, there was no mention of how seamlessly the camera integrates with the mobile app and how convenient it is for video editing. This critical gap led to my disappointment with the Apexcam M80 Air as a potential gift (actually – an example of bad gift).

No one explicitly promised a smooth user experience – but by observing modern GoPro cameras and seeing reviews compare virtually every aspect except the editing app, the impression was created that all action cameras have similar app capabilities, hence the lack of discussion around this differentiator.

This disappointing experience with the Apexcam M80 Air action camera serves as a reminder that not all gifts are created equal, and unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment. While the intention behind a gift is pure, failing to thoroughly vet the product’s features and capabilities can result in an underwhelming experience for the recipient.

By sharing this story of an example of a bad gift, I hope to encourage others to be more mindful and discerning when selecting gifts, especially those involving technology. A little extra research and a realistic understanding of a product’s capabilities can go a long way in ensuring that a gift brings genuine joy and appreciation, rather than disappointment.

This example of a bad gift in the form of the Apexcam M80 Air action camera demonstrates that affordable pricing alone should not be the sole deciding factor when choosing such a device, especially for users seeking a truly convenient and user-friendly experience.

This example of a bad gift in the form of the Apexcam M80 Air action camera demonstrates that affordable pricing and impressive technical specs alone are insufficient when choosing such a device, especially if the intended gift is for users seeking a truly convenient and user-friendly experience.


By sharing this story, I hope not only to warn about the specific shortcomings of the Apexcam M80 Air but also to emphasize the importance of comprehensive device evaluations that consider ease of use, not just raw specifications. For technology gifts, especially those geared towards the mobile market, assessing the user interaction experience should be a mandatory criterion. Only then can we ensure that the present truly brings joy to the recipient.

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